Simalaha Horse Safaris Reviews

Simalaha Horse Safaris was built by Doug, Gail and their team during 2020, and we opened for our first guests in August 2020.

If you love horse riding and the African wilderness, we would not hesitate to recommend... What a lovely experience! We were riding forward going, responsive horses. Setting out from base in various directions, in search of adventure across varied terrain. Saddle bags loaded with Tea and cake in the mornings, or a sundowner to enjoy just before returning home at the end of the afternoon ride. Armed with cameras and binoculars.

Doug’s experience as a field guide and horseman, very quickly matched our level of skill with what he felt we could and could not do, and he allowed the kids in us a loose rein…

Herds of wildebeest and Zebra dominate the flood plains. Lechwe and Puku roam the wet grassland. Reedbuck and Duiker jump from their hiding spots in the tall grass as you ride along. The more elusive Sable haunt the woodland areas and beautiful Giraffe hang out in the Mopani scrub. Being on horseback made us part of the environment, and we could ride close to the moving herds.

We were out on horseback during the most beautiful time of the day, mornings and late afternoons. During the hotter time of the day we would rest in camp. Whilst in camp we felt that we were in experienced hands as far as the hospitality industry is concerned, and wanted for nothing in terms of catering. We were extended every consideration in what we may want or need despite the remote location. The meals did not disappoint either, as each was skilfully put together.

We experienced the communal area as welcoming and relaxing. It is a cleverly designed and orientated artwork, achieved through the combination of Doug and Gail’s love for nature, existing natural features and incorporation of local skill in using mud instead of cement. It fits into the environment seamlessly.

The simple tented accommodation felt absolutely private and was elegantly artful and luxurious. Unexpected comforts and conveniences thoughtfully incorporated were such a pleasant surprise and made us feel right at home.

We carry with us memories of clear and starry night skies, the sounds of the bush at night, good company around the campfire and dinner table and the hoofbeats of our horses as we galloped across the flood plains amongst the game.
Guest, August 2020
A big thank you... The trip far exceeded my expectations... I loved the riding through those plains... Your horses were excellent and well schooled. Tents / food / staff all great. I absolutely loved it.
Daphne, September 2020
I am happy to say that it was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time... One of the first things that struck me on arrival was the big open plains that we found ourselves in. It reminded me of Liuwa - 360 degree uninterrupted views. The camp itself is delightful with so many wonderful touches giving it a very personal and special feel. There are 4 tented chalets with en suite bathrooms, a lovely main area with stunning views over the Simalaha Plains and a small plunge pool for cooling off during the heat of the day. During our 2 night stay we never ate a meal in the same place. Gail and the staff had us moving around to eat in different settings including an incredible sundowner out on the plains with our own special little Covid Snack Jars. Our final dinner was around a campfire under the stars. Delicious home cooked food and friendly and efficient service.

Riding amongst big herds of wildebeest, zebra, giraffe and lechwe... enjoying the peace and beautiful scenery surrounding us [and] the most spectacular sunset.

Gail drove us to one of the villages just outside the conservancy. There we got to meet some of the locals involved in the project and get an insight into their day to day life. On our drive we saw the transient fishing villages set up on the banks of the Zambezi - with Namibia and the Caprivi just in the distance.

From Simalaha we then drove back to Livingstone and spent our final night at Chundukwa. The perfect end to this safari. Chundukwa is a wonderful little lodge - full of Gail's special personal touches and hidden treasures, an ideal spot to enjoy a couple of nights on the river and take part in some of the activities in Livingstone.
Emma, October 2020

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