Unforgettable Multi-Day Horseback Safaris

Horseback safaris combining wildlife & cultural experiences

Simalaha Horse Safaris offers you the unique opportunity to explore the Zambezi floodplains on horseback.  Riding amongst wildlife such as giraffe, wildebeest and zebra is an unforgettable experience, and we also introduce you to the people of this ancient land offering you unique cultural experiences.

Simalaha Horse Safaris offers a range of horseback safari packages, including combining a horseback safari with a relaxing stay at Chundukwa River Lodge, close to the magnificent Victoria Falls and the many attractions of Livingstone.

Our horseback safaris give you plenty of time in the saddle, up to 6-7 hours a day, with time to relax in our beautiful tented camp during the heat of the day and in the evenings.

Our Horses

Our ‘stable’ is home to a variety of safari horses chosen for their endurance, weight carrying capabilities and calm temperament, which include boerperds, quarter horses, Basotho horses and cross breeds. 

Under the guidance of Doug, all our horses are personally schooled, exercised and above all loved by our team of horse masters.  They have a good bush sense due to their training and immersion in the conservancy, where they are free to roam the plains.

Our horses are between 14.3 and 16 hands.  We use saddles to suit all riders – western, English, Australian Stock and trail saddles.  Each riding safari is guided by Doug or one of his senior horse guides where we ride between 4-7 hours a day often covering 20-30km.  The weight limit is 100kg, unless prior arrangements have been made.

About Doug Evans

On a horse since the age of two, and involved with breeding, schooling, trail riding and training Zambia’s national polo-crosse team, Doug Evans’ dream of leading horse-lovers on multi-day rides in a remote wilderness has come true in Simalaha.

Doug has 2 passions in life – the bush and horses, and Simalaha Horse Safaris combines both. Doug has worked in conservation, eco-tourism and with horses all his life, which has included training horses to work in wildlife areas for patrol work.

Some people say Doug is a bit of a ‘horse whisperer’. He doesn’t agree, but does have a deep connection with horses. He treats his horses calmly and with respect. In return they trust him.

His empathy extends to the local people too; speaking their language, understanding their traditions and explaining tribal culture to visitors to create a more immersive African experience. Doug believes the future of wildlife conservation in Africa must benefit local communities if wildlife is to survive.

Doug Evans leading a horseback safari in Zambia

Doug’s overriding pleasure from leading Simalaha riding safaris, is the sense of going back in time, to a place where animals roam without fear of being poached (thanks to the guardianship of the traditional owners of this land), and where cattle and game graze alongside each other. Simalaha is where Doug’s dreams come true. He invites you to join him there.

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